Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Some days, I really doubt myself. I can't see what is ahead and I become suddenly very afraid that I am doing something, or many things, wrong. What if I cannot get it right? What if I get hurt? What if I am annoying everyone? What if people are getting sick of me being so emotional and vulnerable all of the time? What if I can never change that? I have fought long and hard against these doubts and thrown myself at the foot of the cross for protection from them, but some days my resistance is just too low. What then should I do? I know that this will soon pass and I will go on with my life as normal, but right now there is a nagging thought that I am just not good enough. For tonight, I feel very alone, even though I know that feelings really aren't that important. I ask that anyone who reads this blog would please say a quick prayer for me tonight. Thanks. (BTW, I am completely serious in saying that I really am one hundred percent fine. I'm just a bit down this evening and when you mix that with my flair for drama, the result is this startling blog entry)

Monday, June 2, 2008


Some moments in our lives are so sweet and so wonderful that they are like roses from Heaven. Learning new things about people who are dear to us is one such rose. Some people in our lives are wonderfully special. They teach us more about life and about ourselves. Those people fill our lives with light and laughter.

Today, I had the great joy of spending most of my day in the company of such a person. I am reminded of how much God has blessed my life. I feel honored, joyful, and prayerfully thankful to be so blessed. God has given me so much and continues to give me so much. I hardly know what to do with so much joy.