Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Way To Tomorrow

Long ago, mankind was created by Love for love. We were created for love. It is written on the hearts of all human beings, whether they be Christian, Jew, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or any other belief. We need human interaction. We need to give of ourselves in love. We need to touch the lives of others. It is the deepest longing of every human soul to love and be loved.

"It is not good for man to be alone,"(Gen 2:18) so we have been sent out to learn, live, and love during our time on earth. Since our creation, we have been struggling to achieve this purpose, but our fallen natures provide a great barrier.

Loving is hard. Sometimes loving people involves letting them go, giving up your way, sacrificing your own happiness, staying up too late to take care of them, helping them purchase things they need, and just letting them know how special they are. There are so many ways to love others. Most of them are not easy. Some of them are so difficult that they make me want to cry. This is the most worthwhile form of love, the kind that requires a great deal of sacrifice. If we offer that sacrifice up to the Lord for the sake of those whom we love, then we add to the good we can do for those people.

We cannot give up, because we yearn to love. We are like wolves, we need the pack. Praise God for that beautiful need! I ask for prayers that I might love better and more selflessly. Thank you!

P.S. I really want to domesticate a wolf like this. Clearly, I read to many novels. =)