Friday, March 28, 2008


If friends are like flowers that decorate our lives, then we should always remember how delicate people are. For just as a beautiful flower may grow strong when it is watered and cared for, it may also be, quite easily, crushed. In each person their is created a desire to love and be loved. How beautiful this thought is!

Sadly, many do not let this love shine through. They bury it deeply and turn it inward so that they can only think of themselves. It is true that there are many such people in this world, but they are often reached by others who are willing to love selflessly.

Selfless self-sacrificing love is without a doubt the most beautiful thing, to me. It always bears in mind the dignity and beauty of the other person. It does not simply focus on the exterior beauty, but on the beauty of the soul. In such love, their is no fear, only trust. There is a feeling of safety and of overwhelming joy. Such love seeks the greatest good for the loved one and will settle for nothing less. When such love is discovered, it unites those who experience it closer and closer with Christ.

For love, when it is pure and true, always leads to God. After all, God is love. In love, injuries are forgiven and forgotten. Each person who carries this love desires to become the best person possible. Nothing is too great for the good of a loved one.

Reflecting on these thoughts of how love ought to be, I am inspired to become a better person. I yearn to become like the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31. She is good and holy woman who is a credit to her household. May I rely completely on God so as to grow into a more perfect me.

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