Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye and Thank You

Another day, another dollar. Whew! Today was a rough day at work, mostly because I was pretty much dead on my feet when I got there. I felt as if my reflexes were doubly slow and I was very disconnected from my work. It was extremely difficult to keep my energy and enthusiasm up. I tried hard.

It's really my own fault. I stayed up too late when I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle, then I stayed up too late last night, then I woke up too early tonight. When I take away sleep, I don't function well. So, here I am: upstairs on my computer, listening to my cousin teaching art to my siblings downstairs and the Denzel Washington & Julia Roberts movie my Dad and brother are watching. I wish that I had more energy so I could drive off to spend much needed quality time with my wonderfully amazing friends. I did, by the way, get to see some of them at 6:30 a.m. Mass this morning and that made my day. Still, I wish I was with them now.

Self pity is no fun, so I'm going to move on to another topic. Um...I've got nothing. =)

Okay, I've been thinking about writing a short story and then publishing it, in chapters, on my blog. (This thought really just hit me two seconds ago) What do y'all think? Any opinions? Lemme know, k?

P.S. We served plantains at work today. They were not flaming. ^_^


Libbs said...

I WOULD LOVE A SHORT STORY. I hereby cast my vote in favor of the short story posting. Post soon. kthx.

Also, love the plantain reference haha, A+

Kelly said...

I second Libbs' motion. I would love love love to a short story, also!

Kori said...