Thursday, April 29, 2010

Proverbs for Friends

The semester is almost over and my friends and I are about to face a great many changes.  Some people are graduating.   Others are just moving into different apartments.  Some are planning to go far away.  Others will be left to find a way to have fun at the same old place, while it's missing a bunch of its regulars.

Change is tough.   It's true.  I know that I reflect on that a great deal on this blog, but that is because it's very true, especially for me.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the friends that I do and I know that friendships like this are few and far between.  I am doubly fortunate because I know that these changes do not mean the end of these friendships.

That being said, I'd still like to take moment to reflect on some things that I've learned from my friends in the last few years.

- No matter how many times someone tells you that they like you and want to be your friend, if you don't go out on a limb and take them at their word, then you will never believe them or see the truth.

- Lots of people get grumpy when they're hungry or stressed.

- Often, trying to fix things makes it worse.  Sometimes all you can do is admit that you don't know what someone needs and just them know that you're there to do whatever they need that you can do.

- Forgiveness is essential to any friendships.

- Assumptions are the Devil.

- If you're not a good secret keeper, it's probably better that you prevent people from telling you secrets.

- If you're worried that something you've done might have upset a friend, ask him or her about it yourself.  Don't wait for him or her to get the convoluted "telephone" version from someone else.

- If you want to know something, ask a person who is directly involved.  A lot can get lost in translation, when third parties are involved.

- Hugs, smiles, and compliments can carry someone through the roughest day, or enrich them on their best.

- Pray for each other.

- Treat each other with compassion, love, and mercy,

- If a friend asks you how your doing, don't hold out on them.  It is not weakness to lean on others.

My dearest friends,  you know who you are, you taught me these little lessons.  Thanks for sticking with me as I learn and re-learn them! 


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