Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Summer of Great Beginnings!

This summer I made a to-do list.  It had lots of epic things on it.  Here are the things that I accomplished this summer:
  • Spend quality time with my mother and sisters (we had a girls weekend)
  • Get through the summer job with good humor and cheer
  • Learn to shoot a gun (my dear friends, Nonnie, took me out in the woods and taught me)
  • Turn twenty-one
  • Try sake
  • Try a daquiri
  • Eat at the two-story restaurant about half an hour from my home
  • Get contacts
  • Read "Come Be My Light" (I'm only halfway done with this)
  • Write a super-hero story(Also halfway done)
  • Assemble a business wardrobe
  • Write my resume
  • Start a company (I am now an independent Design Consultant for Willow House -
  • Renew my total Consecration to Jesus through Mary(renewal was on August 15th!)
  • Get paid an hourly wage to sing(I was the paid entertainment for two night at the nursing home)
  • See Inception(twice)
  •  Figure out the kind of person I want to be and then become that kind of person(it's a work in progress)
Needless to say, this has been quite an eventful summer.  What are some of the thing you checked off of your list this summer?

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Groovechicken said...

I finally procured a Boba Fett helmet. Now that's the summer achievement for a lifetime. ;)