Saturday, September 17, 2011

Those old homesick blues

So, I'm homesick.  I'm living pretty far away from home these days and lately I've been missing it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy.  Life here is nice and sometimes fun, but there are some things that are missing.  The biggest thing missing is the people I love.

There is so much that I want to do and share with you all and being here only highlights that we're not together.  I still walk through the streets of the city and think, "Oh!  My sisters would love that outfit!"  or "The Chain Gang would love this tea house."  Pepper mills remind me of Michael.  Every time I see a cute baby, I think about how Elizabeth always picks on my for thinking that every baby is adorable.  Every time the MRT zooms past, surrounding me with gusts of wind, I think about "when I die" memories.  Someone told me that I was like a Disney princess here and I almost hugged her, just because of the friends that statement brought to mind.  There are so many more little moments like that, but of course I've forgotten them.

Anyway, I've had a string of exhausting days lately and I keep thinking about how much I wish I could just unwind with my friends and family, or go to the adoration chapel, or even just text y'all.  You are all in my thoughts and I miss you terribly.


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Angelle Marie said...

O my dear friend. You are so loved and missed, and even though you aren't with those you love physically, you are very connected spiritually. I love you and I think about you and offer up prayers often, and yes, we really need a skype date soon!