Monday, December 26, 2011

In the Stillness

Right now, I am involved in a sort of young adult group at the local Catholic Church and we are currently doing a program called Meeting Christ in Prayer.  This program is based on Saint Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises.

Part of our daily prayers include setting aside half an hour each day to do private prayer and meditation.  We've hardly begun the program and I'm finding that while I'm able (so far) to set aside the physical time, quieting myself has proven to be another matter entirely.  That said, on the few days that I am able to manage it, I never regret it.

It's there, in the stillness, that everything happens.  Wounds are healed, answers are found, solace and comfort are given, peace abounds, graces are poured out, and love grows.  In the still moments of our daily lives, God speaks.  No matter how busy you are, no matter how many obligations and worries you have on your shoulders, never sacrifice the stillness.

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