Sunday, April 13, 2008


Do we ever get to old to dream? Some days, I find myself wishing I were far away, in some strange place where anything could happen. Throughout my life I have encountered places where I felt as if anything was possible. Some places hold a sort of magic that allow me to forget the real world and drift innocently into a world where childhood dreams return to linger. All of the cares of the world fade away and like a silly little girl, I take hold of daydreams and let them lead me into the world of impossible. Perhaps this is a clear sign that I've read to many fairy tales, but I don't really care. There is a part of me that loves to wander down strange paths in a dark woods. The call of adventure and wonder sings to my heart and I gladly follow.

I enter and entirely different realm than that of reason. In this "land" I can be anything and do anything. There are no limits in this strange place. I can travel anywhere, see anyone, be anyone, and say anything. Secrets don't exist, nor does worry. All the fears and cares of this world melt away and I can have the answers which so often allude me. In this world I can follow any road without hesitation, because if it doesn't lead where I intend, I can easily abandon that road for another. All of the movie and book clich├ęs can exist without being absurd. Life is much more simple. The answers are always clear and complications handle themselves.

In this place I can always just be me, because no one misunderstands. Every now and then, it is fun to wander back and visit the dreams of my childhood, but they do not keep my interest as long as they used to because they create in my heart a longing for things to happen. The dreams of my childhood cause the dreams of adulthood to awaken, which is not bad, but certainly makes it more difficult for me to be patient.

Once upon a time, I longed for castles in the sky with faeries, great adventures, a prince, and a happily ever after. It was a time when the good guys would always win and the bad guys learned their lesson. I couldn't err because I always knew what I was supposed to do. I would imagine falling in love, which was easy because their was no concern over the future. After all, it was only make believe and I could always return to my simple childhood under the protection of my loving parents.

Now those dreams have, for the most part, faded and new dreams take there place. These new dreams are much more simple and not nearly as dramatic. They are much more practical, but that makes them more difficult to do without. Thankfully, I can leave them in the care of Christ. Dreams of love and a home are in His hands, as is my heart. For a long time I worried about whom to entrust my heart to, but one day I finally washed my hands of the whole business and decided that if anyone wanted my heart, he would have to work it out with Christ on how to win it. Christ has my heart, my dreams, and hopes for the future.

As for the rest, I'll just keep dreaming, waiting, working, and praying.

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