Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Liturgical abuses make me angry. It makes no sense for them to exist because those who are allowing them have nothing to gain from them. They are leaders in their Church community who are entrusted with upholding the liturgy and leading the faithful closer to Christ. To abuse that position in no way glorifies them, by worldly or spiritual standards.

As if this isn't enough, we the faithful do nothing to change it. We complain, we argue, we grieve, but we don't do anything! How long can we stand watch without taking action?

What are we doing? Why aren't we fighting?

Our savior, Jesus Christ, died for us, He sits in the tabernacles throughout the world, alone, for us. He waits for us. Why do we allow this to continue. The more that these abuses continue, the worse I feel about myself. How can I go to Him each day at Mass and receive Him in Holy Communion, but still do nothing to end the abuses against Him.

How can I be so apathetic when He has done so much for me?

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