Monday, May 31, 2010

Dream, when you're feeling blue...

Before I begin this post, feast your eyes on this:
Do not such places inspire you to dream?

Lately I have been feeling especially "day-dreamy", not in the way of imagining that I'm someone else, but in the way of feeling as if I could do something really wonderful.  I feel a little bit unstoppable.  I feel a little bit as if I can be one of those quirky characters in movies.  The fearless ones, who do crazy but harmless things just for the heck of it and totally change someone's life. 

I haven't really figured out how I'm going to accomplish this dramatic heroism, but look out, because I'm sure going to try.

P.S. I have removed all of my short story posts until such a time as I can post the whole thing.

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Libbs said...

Haha, sounds awesome!

p.s. love the new blog title!