Sunday, August 14, 2011


There is something so beautiful.  It is in the promise of tomorrow.  It is the sweeping scores of the sweetest music.  It is in the sweet smile of a young child.  It is in that act of kindness that lights your day.  It is in the kind and affirming words of a friend.  It is in the love of a young, newly in love couple.  It is in the strong, sturdy love that has weathered a lifetime of storms.  It is in a group of girls just being silly together.  It is in the young boys conquering the great dragons of their adventures. 

It is in the hearts and imaginations of the young and the young at heart who not only see the world for what it is but also for all its possibilities.  It is in the soul that chooses to put everything on the line by baring itself to another.  It is in the fairytales.  It is in the dreamers.  It is in the father who struggles to provide for his family.  It is in the mother who stays up nights worrying about the well being of her children.  

It is in the sacrificial love of one who would lay down his life for love of another.  It is in the upward climb to Calvary.  It is in the mysterious dance of life.  It is in the baptism of a newborn baby.  It is the voice of a young singer who dreams of greatness.  It is in the steps of the dancer who believes she can fly.  It is in the wind dancing around you, making you feel precious and enchanting.

Find that in your life and cherish it.  You deserve it.

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Unknown said...

I bumped into your blog by pure chance and read your post over and over again.
Thank you for this eye and heart opener.