Monday, February 4, 2008


There is a certain sense of awe when one encounters something beautiful. It touches the soul. As each day passes, I begin to see, more and more, that there is so much beauty in this world. There are beautiful songs, beautiful colors, beautiful plants, beautiful animals, beautiful crafts, and beautiful people. For a long time, I didn't really know what it meant when people said, "All people are beautiful." Often, in my mind, I would respond, "Then why is it that we encounter people who certainly are not beautiful?"

Beauty is such a tricky subject. Everyone defines it differently and most want to possess it. In today's world, beauty is certainly something to be desired. Boys want to marry beautiful girls. Girls want to be as beautiful as movie stars. Movie stars waste their fortunes on attempts to get and keep the most beautiful look. The desire for beauty permeates our culture.

But I am coming to learn that there are so many beautiful people in this world. There is beauty in a quiet sacrifice, an unguarded smile, a forgiving word, or an act of love. There is beauty all around us, in every person. If only people knew how special and unique they are.

Right now, I am visiting my sister. She and her friends have been working so hard to make time for me in their busy schedules. These beautiful women of God have opened their home and offered their time to me, in spite of being very busy. They have demonstrated by their selfless actions what true beauty is.

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