Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let's Dance

Life can be so confusing. Sometimes it leaves me feeling quite dizzy. At the same time, each new experience, even the scary or hard ones, is so beautiful. I feel as if I've learned so much so quickly between August and now. Things change so quickly.

At first, I was so overwhelmed by the change. I felt as if everything was spinning out of control and it took all I had to keep some semblance of balance. I worried and fretted over so many things, large and small. It always amazes me how easily I put some very small problems of mine on the same level and the much larger ones.

Still, I'm beginning to learn. I'm coming to see that I have never been alone in this confusing dance. Christ is and has always been gently leading me along. The only time the dance gets awkward is when I try to lead or when I try to guess where He will lead me next. But if I surrender completely to Him and follow where He takes me, then the dance is a peaceful, joyful, and exciting thing.

I imagine that if my life truly were a dance, then I could safely say that I step on Jesus' toes quite often. That doesn't really matter, though. He is the best dance partner and just smiles lovingly at me as I apologize for my carelessness. His love is proved daily by His gentle way of taking my faults and slowly melting them away.

He is such an excellent choreographer in this dance of life. He always knows how to bring out the best in His dancers. He knows just where the next twirls and leaps ought to be. However, He doesn't stop there. In addition to putting the twirls and leaps in all the right places, He also helps me to do them a thousand times better then I ever could on my own. When I do try to dance alone, He stands nearby, patiently waiting for me to come to His open arms and dance with Him again.

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