Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dance in the Rain

I love rainy days! They're so fun and make me feel like dancing all over the world. It's lucky for me, that we're supposed to get a lot of rain this week. Sometimes, my life is like a rainy day. I expect gloom, shadows, darkness, and overwhelming floods. In spite of the strong indications that things will get rough, God surprises me by creating a opportunity for joy and laughter.

How blessed I am! My life is definitely a work in progress, but throughout my life, whenever things seemed to be going wrong, God turns things around and transforms everything. He has blessed me in so many ways. I know that He is guiding and protecting me. Every longing of my heart has been answered in Him. I know that He is watching all of my loved ones too. He cares for them and has brought them into my life. Each friend and family member has been such a treasure. I have learned so much from them and I hope to continue learning from them.

Over the years I have slowly learned a bit more about humility, about self confidence, loving myself the way God made me, increasing my prayer life, taking people where they're at, enduring through harsh times, performing acts of mortification, and allowing myself to just enjoy life, while staying focused on Christ. Have I mastered these things? Not even close, but through the example of my family and friends I have an idea of where to start. It is such a gift to know so many wise and holy people in my life. Good people are certainly cause for joy and there are, without a doubt good people in this world. Praise God for the good people and allow them to lead you to Him. Good people are not put in your life by accident.

Life is beautiful and friends are the music to dance with when it rains. They lift me up to Christ and fill my life with joy. To any of my loved ones who read my blog, thanks for being such a gift. ^_^

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