Sunday, June 7, 2009

As Time Goes By

Time is something that never ceases to amaze me. It has set measurements and calculations (i.e. seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, etc.) and yet it can become completely distorted in our perception of it. For instance, while a work day seems to drag on forever, the summer that holds those work days will at the same time seem to fly by in a whirl. Friends you though for sure you'd have plenty of time catch up with are just as busy juggling schedules as you are and projects, which you though would only take a day, extend from one week into the next.

The list, which you were to busy to compose during finals week, listing the things you needed to do during the summer has become scrambled and disorganized in your mind's eye and you're doing the best you can to just get the minimum done from one day to the next. You find that you are hardly any time to see the friend's you hoped to see at least once, maybe even twice, weekly. Character traits you had hoped to improve upon seem undaunted by the years that have rolled over their heads and dreams that pull your longing glance never seem to come any closer. Oh! What a merry dance time leads us all on!

Then, there are those beautiful moments when time seems to stop. Those are the precious instances where you feel completely detached from the goings on around you and seem to be watching them outside of yourself. In those moments, you know that you are witnessing something wonderful, something you will never forget. While the moment goes on all around you, you are able to sit and take it all in. Then, you thank God for giving you the privilege of being a witness to this greatness and your soul soars!

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kellygirl89 said...

Absolutely beautiful, Therese.