Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go...

Today is the first day of my summer job. It's the same job that I've had since the second half of my senior year in high school. Maybe I'm just a spoiled brat, but I am ready for a change. However, since I have yet to put out job applications and am in sore need of funds to keep meas debt free as possible, it is necessary for change to wait. It's kind of funny that I can be so scared of change and want it so much all at the same time. Such is life, I suppose.

Perhaps it will be good for me though. What better opportunity would have than this to work on being selfless? That's something I want to work on this summer, selflessness. A wise nun recently cautioned me and my friends that the single life is a huge occasion towards selfishness because we live so much for ourselves when we have so much freedom and independence. Well, I guess I can consider this job as my healthy dose of not having things how I'd like them.

P.S. I've been thinking of using this blog as a channel to pray for people. So, if anyone is reading this and has any prayer intentions, please feel free to share them in the form of a comment so that I can join you in prayer. ^_^ Please pray for me as well.

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Anonymous said...

She was indeed a very wise nun. You are so amazing, Therese. Your heart is strong. I admire that. Stay with it, you're doing just fine. You are absolutely in my prayers.

If you could include my family in your prayer intentions, that would mean the world to me. They are going through a rough time and they just need some strength. Thank so much, my love!