Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Comfort of Angels

Through all my trials, great and small, my Guardian Angel stands at my side and helps me along. I may feel lost, hurt, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and even angry, but my Angel gently points me away from myself and towards my Lord. Although I often do not heed my angel's voice, I am not abandoned for my stubbornness. On the contrary, when I err, my Angel is always there to comfort me in my pain.

My heart is so full of late. Everything seems to happen so quickly. In a matter of moments everything changes. All it takes are a few words from another to change my reality. "Your uncle is in a comma." "You think you know everything." "You just made my day." A few simple words are all that is necessary. The change is done. The course is altered.

I sometimes wonder if it would be better to not feel anything at all, but then I would lose many things. I would lose the simple joys. I would lose the capacity to love others so much so easily. I would lose the ability to easily empathize. It is true that it takes almost nothing to hurt me, but it takes very little for me to light up with joy as well. I would not trade that.

What then is the solution? How do I console my so easily wounded heart? There is no need. Without fail, my Angel brings me to the heart of my Lord that I may rest there in peace. As I rest in my Lord's arms, He sweetly shows me my errors and gives me new strength to return to my daily trials. Then, when I return, my Angel stays by me to remind me of what my Lord has told me. I am never abandoned and so I carry on, with hope and love in my dramatic little heart.

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