Friday, January 11, 2008


No matter how organized we are and no matter how well we prioritize, it still seems that there is never enough time. My break from school is almost over and there is still so much to be done. Today I have to buy school supplies, pack, have lunch with my grandmother, spend time with my family - something I've neglected to do - and get ready for the wedding that I'll be in tomorrow.

My sister and I are spending the night at the bride's house tonight and we won't arrive home tomorrow until four or five, at least. When we get home much of my family will not be there because they have a pro-life function to attend at our church. At that point I'll probably finish up my packing. I'll go to an early Mass on Sunday and head back to college.

I have so many mixed feeling about returning to school. I feel as if my break flew past me without giving me time to react. My family was very busy for much of my time at home and we were entertaining many guests. During my break, I was also working for a week. Overall, I just feel like I'm racing against time.

With each year, it seems that time passes more quickly. These last few years of my life are almost like one single year in my mind. Things that happened two years ago feel only a month old to me. Conversely, many things that happened this past fall appear quite distant.

Time is such a confusing thing, always too fast and yet so slow. The future dangles before my eyes as if it will never come. The past and present slip through my fingers like grains of sand. In one sense I long for the future and whatever it may hold, but in another sense I wish that time would stop and I could just dwell in this moment. Hopefully, as time passes, I will master the way of enjoying each moment while it lasts and welcoming each new one when it comes.

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