Friday, January 25, 2008

A Quiet Place

A gentle breeze blows across a shady garden. The sweet scent of flowers floods the senses. As my heart turns to prayer I find myself in such a place with Christ and there is peace. In this quiet place, I am safe from all the cares and anxieties of the world.

To find this quiet place, I journal, spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, sing, take walks, join with friends in prayer, and spend time with those who are dear to me. Words are often not even necessary. Many times, it is enough to simply soak in the experience. In these moments, there is calm.

True, it is naught but a foreshadowing of what is to come, but it is still so comforting. This quiet place is a gentle consoling to my soul in times of distress, like the gentle soft glow of candlelight. It is soothing like the sound of waves crashing against the shore off somewhere in the distance. As is the sweet melody of violins, so is this peace. Yet, it is so much more. The troubles are not forgotten, or left behind. Rather, they are bound back and not permitted to break through the peace. God is near. Safety, beauty, joy, and love reign.

This quiet place is one in which to think. It is a place to sort out troubles. Counsel is given and received. God graces humble hearts with His wisdom. Perspective is broadened. Truth is discovered. Longing for the future is quieted. Yearning for change is calmed. There is growth.

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